Stephen Colbert Attacks Trump For Secret Plan To Host Taliban Meeting

Stephen Colbert fought to find the right words to describe his utter shock over President Trumps planned — and since scuttled — meeting with the Taliban.

Trump revealed Saturday on Twitter that he suspended secret weekend peace negotiations at Camp David with the president of Afghanistan and Taliban leaders, after the group claimed responsibility for a car bomb that killed a U.S. soldier and 11 others.

After reading Trumps tweet on-air, the CBS Late Show host ripped the president for the audacity of planning talks with the Taliban on U.S. soil.

“Yes. Donald Trump invited the Taliban to Camp David, the weekend before 9/11,” Colbert said. “Thats like, theres nothing thats like that. That is only that. Nothing else is like that.”

After struggling to find the right words, Colbert added: “Does Donald Trump not Read More – Source