Joaquin Phoenixs Joker wont come face-to-face with Robert Pattinsons Batman and were disappointed

Joaquin Phoenixs Joker wont be coming face-to-face with Robert Pattinsons Batman (Picture: Getty)

Robert Pattinson recently sparked speculation that his Batman will come face-to-face with Joaquin Phoenixs Joker in his upcoming superhero movie.

The star is said to have offered up a mundane comment about the villain when chatting to Variety earlier this year, before asking for his quote not to be used in the publications article.

However, despite getting fans of the franchise all excited, it seems Joker director Todd Phillips is not convinced the two characters will appear in the same film.

And we cant help but feel somewhat disappointed.

When asked about the rumours, he once again told Variety: No, definitely not.

However, that doesnt mean there wont be another Joker film, as he quickly added: Oddly, in the states, comic books are our Shakespeare it seems, and you can do many many versions of Hamlet.

Joker premiere
The Joker cast recently attended their Toronto premiere (Picture: WireImage)

The 48-year-old continued: There will be many more Jokers, Im sure, in the future.



Todd recently appeared on the red carpet of the Joker premiere, at the Toronto International Film Festival, on Monday night.

Here he was joined by Joaquin, as well as Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Zazie Beetz.

The cast posed for a group picture before the proud director embraced Bradley in front of the cameras.

Joker premiere
Bradley Cooper and Joaquin looked excited to be there (Picture: Getty)
Joker premiere
Todd Phillips and Cooper embraced on the red carpet (Picture: Reuters)

And while they were locked in each others arms, the pair beamed at one another – all dressed to the nines.

The A Star Is Born actor had chosen to wear a black suit and matching tie while Todd was dressed in all grey.

Just last week, the film took home the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival.

After winning the award, Todd was full of thanks as he paid tribute to Warner Bros and DC for stepping out of their comfort zone and taking such a bold swing on me and this movie.

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When it comes to the main man, Joaquin, he said: There is no movie without Joaquin Phoenix.

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