Gabrielle Unions Daughter Kaavia, 9 Mos., Goes Swimming With Daddy Dwyane Wade In Sweet Clip

Gabrielle Unions daughter is learning how to swim before she can walk. The actress shared a video of husband Dwyane Wade in the pool showing off her paddling skills.

Gabrielle Unions baby daughter Kaavia is going to be swimming before she walks! The nine-month-old hit the pool with her daddy Dwyane Wade in a video the Americas Got Talent judge shared on Sept. 9. D-Wade walks in the pool holding the little one at the water line as she gets a little bit of paddling action with her hands. Mainly shes just having fun, even though her mommy enjoyed it more. At the end of the video the 37-year-old retired NBA star holds Kaavia high up into the air and Gabrielle, 46, lets out a squeal saying “Ahhhhhh!”

Gab captioned the adorable video, “How I feel at meetings that shouldve, AT BEST, been emails. Please see @kaaviajames last look back for my true feelings. Thank you, Management.” At the end of the vid her daughter threw some serious side eye so that must be what she was referring to. After all, why be away from her precious daughter when she could be at home discussing business online.

As usual, fans cant get over how Kaavia is Dwyanes mini-me, especially since their faces are so close together in the video. “WOW, that is D.Wade all day😮❤❤❤. She looks so much like him,” a woman named Stacy wrote, while another person added “Woah they have the same exact face 😩.” The close proximity woke up a new fan to the resemblance, as the user wrote, “Why am I just now realizing she definitely has her fathers face lol.” A woman named Breanna told Gab in the comme