Peaky Blinders viewers stunned as Aunt Polly potentially kills off a Shelby

Polly Peaky Blinders

Polly might have just killed a major character (Picture: BBC)

***Warning: Major spoilers for Peaky Blinders season 5 episode 4 ahead***

Peaky Blinders delivered a killer blow on tonights episode as Aunt Polly (Helen McCrory) shot down in-law Linda Shelby (Kate Philips) in the grounds of Tommys mansion.

Viewers were gripped as Linda arrived at the family party for Natashas birthday – in which there was a ballet recital – with revenge on her mind against estranged husband Arthur (Paul Anderson).

Arthur had clearly gone too far last week, after going after a man who had spoken to his wife after she left him and cutting up his face in a jealous rage.

Heartbroken and knowing shed never truly be free of the violence of the Shelby clan, Linda pulled a gun on Arthur determined to end him once and for all.

As Swan Lake played in the background, Linda ignored his pleas to return to him and said: His name was Frederick, all he ever did was talk, Arthur. He just listened. And now he has no face. Hes as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside.



May you Peaky Blinders rot in f***ing hell.

As Arthur appeared resigned, the shot rang out – only for cameras to pan and reveal it was Polly holding the smoking gun as Linda fell to the floor.

Linda Shelby

Was Lindas shot fatal? (Picture: BBC)

Whether shes alive or dead remains to be seen – but it doesnt look good for the divisive character, who was seen laying lifeless on the floor in front of Arthur, Polly, Tommy and Lizzie (Natasha OKeefe).

Viewers were split in two about the moment, with some praising her death while others were saddened at Arthurs love potentially breathing her last breath.

Not exactly mincing their words about their feelings over the shooting, one happy viewer said: Thank f**k polly shot linda, while another agreed: Polly ended Linda. Someones done it at last thank goodness!!!

Praising Polly, another celebrated: Best thing Polly ever did. Bye, Linda!!

Another stated: Polly has killed Linda and thats why she is a f*****g legend.

Not everyone was cheering though as one disappointed viewer chimed in: FFS Polly. Id much rather lose Arthur than Linda, while another commiserated: Nooooo I liked Linda she could of been a bad b***h.

Whatever happens, its sure to send shockwaves around the family, with Arthur seeming almost willing to die and clearly going to be cut up about his wife being shot.

If she dies, then he could go on a rampage against his family. If she survives, then shell probably have a few choice words about him and his family.



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