Last Week Tonight: John Oliver Talks About Looming Brexit Deadline And Boris Johnsons “Chaotic” Week

John Oliver didnt waste any time on Last Week Tonight to call out Donald Trump for seemingly using a Sharpie to alter the route of Hurricane Dorian on a map to include Alabama following his remarks that it would be affected by the storm when the National Hurrican Center said otherwise. “Sharpiegate” has been a hot topic, but Oliver decided to just give him a little jab and focus on another world leader: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“If you want to make one at home the recipe is: simply boil one clown,” said Oliver of Johnson before explaining that the deadline for Britain to leave the EU is less than eight weeks away and that it has been a “chaotic week for Boris.”

Oliver points out that Johnsons main tactic to secure a better deal is to threaten a no-deal Brexit which “can destabilize Europe and seriously damage the UK.” That said, parliament is stepping in to keep it from happening. Oliver cut to a clip of Johnsons first major defeat during a vote where at the end, an MP can be heard saying “Not a good start Boris!”

“Thats actually savage!” exclaims Oliver. In addition to this defeat earlier this week, Johnson lost his parliamentary majority when one of his MPs defected to the liberal democrats by physically moving across the aisle while he was speaking and one of his top lieutenants was criticized for sitting in a loungey “grape eating” position during the debate. “Its a look you would expect from someone who just masturbated in a hammock,” Oliver quipped at the picture of said top lieutenant.

On top of all that, Oliver remarked that “things got so chaotic, at one poinRead More – Source