James Bond stuntman soars through the air on motorbike in dangerous scenes for No Time To Die

That looks just a tad bit dangerous (Picture: Splash News)

The next James Bond installment wont be scrimping on the stunts judging by the latest jaw-dropping scenes for No Time To Die.

Filming for the latest 007 movie, which will star Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris, headed to Matera, Italy to film some particularly dangerous scenes including a car chase and shootout on the UNESCO World Heritage site.

In one of the full-throttle scenes, a man wearing a beige suit and blue shirt was seen mid-air on a motorbike, seemingly in the midst of a chase.

Although, its not known if the stuntman was a double for Daniel himself or the actual villain.

Another tense scene showed around six men gathered by cars and pointing their machine guns at a target who wasnt visible. A group of crew members were seen sitting nearby covering their ears to block out the gunfire sounds.



It comes just days after Bonds classic Aston Martin DB5 was spotted looking pretty worse for wear, with scratches now decorating its formerly shiny exterior.

Production on the 25th Bond movie has been underway in Matera for some time with Daniel and Lea Deydouxs stunt doubles seen filming in the area.

James Bond filming
Its a shootout (Picture: Splash News)
James Bond filming
Looks like Lea Seydouxs body double was back on set (Picture: Splash News)
Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel will make his final appearance as Bond (Picture: Rex Features)

Itll be Daniels final appearance as the beloved British spy after 13 years in Bonds famous tuxedo.

Earlier this month, Joanna Lumley weighed into the gender debate surrounding who should be next to play Bond.

And shes pretty adamant the spy should remain a man.

The Absolutely Fabulous actress told Metro.co.uk recently: He took very special pains to describe James Bond, who was a man, and this was written in the early 50s, who was a British man of a certain height and build and a rather cruel face, a lean build.

It seems odd to me youd make that a woman.

While its not yet known who will step into Daniels sharp shoes next, No Time To Die will see Lashana Lynch as the new Bond even if temporarily.

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