Bianca Del Rio on Drag Race legacy, RuPaul and being a lovable c**t ahead of Wembley arena debut

Bianca Del Rio doesnt do subtle. When she arrives in a room, if you dont catch her brightly coloured hair and outfit, then youll certainly hear her. So shell fit right in in a room as big as Wembley.

The RuPauls Drag Race season six winner is about to become the first ever drag queen to headline a night at the legendary arena, and its something shes brushing off with her trademark wit and charm…and maybe, dare we say it, is even a little bit humble about it?

Speaking exclusively to, when asked about why the UK in particular have adopted her as one of our own, she puts it down to one simple thing, explaining a booming laugh: I think its because Im a c***!

Can you put that? C***? Its very easy!, she quizzed. You get my sense of humour so much, not like America doesnt, but in the UK its just a little more honest, a little more raw than it is for us in America, or maybe just the novelty of it. Im not really sure – Im grateful that they do!



Or maybe their lives are just so boring they find me as a big ball of sunshine, or maybe because everyone in America knows that Im a real c***!

I think that theyre very upfront, and I think that theyre very honest which is…so, where I come from, as I sit here in a wig. So honest with myself!

The Louisiana native made her name in New York as a drag queen hostess before landing on Drag Race, and now shes one of the most known queens across the world, even being voted one of the most powerful drag queens in America by New York Magazine.

BIANCA DEL RIO - LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 05: Comedy Queen and RuPaul's Drag Race champion, Bianca Del Rio appears at SSE Arena Wembley ahead of her September 2019 UK arena tour on December 05, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Neil P. Mockford/Getty Images)

Bianca is ending her UK tour with a stint in Wembley Arena (Picture: Getty)

Heading onto TV in 2014, Biancas career shot off thanks to her straight-talking bitchy clown with a heart persona, and since then the show has become somewhat of a cult phenomenon – and it was something Bianca didnt entirely sign up for, taking for granted how big the series could become.

But she bursts out laughing when we ask about her friendship with leading megastar RuPaul, because as far as shes concerned, there never was one.

The queen beamed: Thats the most ridiculous question! Maintain a relationship? I never met her! Shes a hologram! No, I mean, she would have to be in the room with me to have a falling out.

I dont hang out with her, were not in rooms together, shes a very busy woman collecting trophies and doing shows all around the world! I mean, Ive never considered myself a friend of hers. Shes in charge of this television show, shes executive producer, shes the star of the show.



Im one of the minions that came in. I say hello, we say hello, if she knows my name, Im a lucky b****! If not, shes got things to do so I dont look at it that way. I look at it as “go and live your life!”

Shes been great as far as any time Ive asked for it, Bianca added though. Shes done an intro for my show before for me and recorded it, she did a scene in Hurricane Bianca [a movie series starring Bianca as well as her non-drag self, Roy Haylock]. Ive done her podcast many times, but I mean, we dont go out shopping with each other, and talk about wigs. No! We dont have that temperate relationship and I think anyone whos been on the show that assumes they do is absolutely ridiculous. Thats not how it works!


Biancas Its Jester Joke tour is currently heading around the UK now

However, while RuPaul might be a little beyond reach, Bianca maintains a friendship with Rus right hand lady, Michelle Visage – who for anyone who doesnt know her, is about to become a leading lady herself as she stars in Strictly Come Dancing this yeah.

Michelle Visage and I hang out a lot, because she lives near me in California, so we go shopping and we chat and thats a different relationship.

So how does Bianca think shes going to fare in Strictly?


I hope she does good! I hope she moves moves her feet as much as she moves that f***in mouth of hers!, the star laughed. I mean, that would be good! Its also fabulous to get to see somebody that spends their living judging everyone else…now she gets to be judged! HAHA!

Were friends and Im super excited to see her. Its daunting, I dont know if I could do it.

….And yet somehow a 12,500 capacity venue in Englands capital is just fine?

I hope [Michelle] does good [on Strictly]! I hope she moves moves her feet as much as she moves that f***in mouth of hers!

When we ask her about it, the star joked: Keep reminding, me, thank you! Keep throwing it out there! This is why I drink!

Biancas no-holds-barred language and jokes are something shes become known for in the years since Drag Race – and its something thats on more than a few occasions landed her in a little bit of trouble.

But Bianca is also made of impenetrable steel, and while she acknowledges that there have been occasions where she may have crossed a line, shes determined to push through regardless, because youre never going to win them all.

Theres always something that you go “I shouldve done this better, I wouldve done that”, the queen told us. The thing with the comedian is you can make all the jokes you want and not every joke it going to be a winner, and not every joke is going to land, therell be some that somebody doesnt laugh at, but thats just part of the deal.


Take Mariah Carey, you can love Mariah Carey, and Mariah Carey might but out a s***y album…lets face it, shes put out many, and people look at her and go “Oh I still love Mariah, but I didnt like that song, or didnt like that video.” It comes with the territory.

BIANCA DEL RIO - Editorial use only Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX (10232257x) Bianca Del Rio 'Lorraine' TV show, London, UK - 09 May 2019

Bianca has become one of the most powerful stars in the US after winning Drag Race (Picture: Rex)

Am I going to lose sleep over it? Hell no. Do I give a f*** what some 13 year old child on Twitter has to say about it? Double f*** no. Because thats not my audience, you dont have to like me, and thats OK. You can go live your life and follow who you like, I owe you nothing.

While that may well be the case, Bianca insists that she will go out of her way for selfies with a fan, and will never say no when asked. Its something that has become a contested subject in the Drag Race fandom after season 11 winner Yvie Oddly declared she would refuse pictures with fans after show, telling fans in a string of tweets to not be selfish.

(It was something Yvie had to later apologise for.)

You dont have to like me, and thats OK. You can go live your life and follow who you like, I owe you nothing.

Bianca wasnt buying it though, and said: After a show she did this whole analogy about being a chef and running out of ingredients or some hypothetical bulls**t. But in the midst of it she said that she was not taking pictures with fans because they did not pay for it. That shed already done meet and greets so shes not doing pictures unless theyve paying.

Thats when I thought, “well, you can think that. You can have an opinion of that, but youve also got to be careful with what youre saying. If you say that, then you know youre going to get attacked.” I think thats when people get bent out of shape.

You can tell someone no, you can tell someone yes, it just depends on the day and the time and the situation, but I think when you go to Twitter unfortunately thats just kind of what happens.

I dont care. I dont care!, she added. You shouldnt have an excuse. When it comes to the business of it, its just part of the deal, and if you choose to go out and say something like that, thats what ends up happening, people are going to get upset. No one cares about your illness, all they want is a selfie. Thats just how the world works! You can just handle it in a better way and you cant have that as an excuse.

I dont think Ive told anyone that Im not taking a picture, she added. Theres awkward moments where people have asked, like at an airport and Im trying to get my luggage and theyre like “can I get a photo?!” and Im like “can you f***in wait til I get my luggage?!”

That kind of stuff has happened, but Ive never been like “No, Im not taking a photo!” Thats silly. If I didnt want a photo then Id just stay home.

Someones bound to see you, and you should consider yourself lucky if somebody gives a shit who you are. Some second rate f** on a reality show, youre lucky if somebody goes “hey I know you!”

But thats just my take, she hastened to add. Im not going to say that applies to everyone else, and even if you didnt agree with me, its just how I feel. But I personally feel, I feel its a very tricky with the social media aspect of it, because if youre coming from a place of its a business talk, if its an idea or a thought and you feel it, everything you think and feel does not have to go on Twitter. And thats what you have to tell the children. Its silly.

Realise what you are – youre a man in a wig, and keep people around who remind you youre a man in a wig.

Biancas stint in the UK comes on the eve of the first ever season with Drag Race UK – with queens including Baga Chipz, Scaredy Cat and The Vivienne already making their presence known at fan conventions like DragCon, and prides around the world before the show debuts.

So whats her advice for the queens and the world of fame theyre about to be thrust into?

Quit drag! So I can keep working!, she giggled, before turning serious and adding: Keep honest people around you. It can be an amazing ride, its also a delusional ride if you lose sense of yourself. Realise what you are – youre a man in a wig, and keep people around who remind you youre a man in a wig. Youre not changing the world. Just be realistic. Its there if you want it.

Bianca Del Rio- IJJ Press 4a - Photo Credit Rene Koala (1)-4998

Even Biancas a little daunted by the bright lights of Wembley (Picture: Rene Koala)

The opportunities are all there if you put in the hustle. Its not all glamorous, I can tell you as I sit here today in this hotel in the sunlight, in this outfit! Its not all glamour.

So would there be any chance of Bianca ever returning to that world for one last round? Say for a Champions season?

Hell no!. she said bluntly. Would you go back to high school? Thank you! Ive successfully gone through, gotten my diploma. See ya!

Also its a different show now. Its a completely different show than the one I did six years ago, in every way. Everyones much younger, everyones about spending this much money on costumes, you dont even have to have talent anymore, before adding with a wink. I mean, look at the line up!

Its a different world and Im just not interested in going back, she added. They chose each person that won for that reason, for that season, and I feel thats it. What do I have to prove? Im working.

Its like going back to a boyfriend, Im good. We had a good relationship, got the photos, but moved on.

In fact, she barely watches the show Read More – Source