The Archers catch-up: Lexis back! Will Adam and Ian get their much-wanted baby after all?

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Lexis back! She returned, in spite of all our predictions otherwise. And we all thought she was going to stay in Bulgaria and keep the baby! Ye of little faith. Maybe Adam and Ian will get their much-wanted baby without a fight after all?

Though, she may be back but shes not happy – and shes not hiding it either. Shes a real sourpuss when Jennifer warmly welcomes her and shares her excitement over the baby.

Poor Jennifer just wanted to show her enthusiasm and support – and wasnt remotely overbearing – but Lexi cant even feign politeness for five minutes or give Jennifer some kindness over a cup of tea.

Lexi may have done this before – twice, as she pointedly told Jenny – but Jenny hasnt been a grandmother before and is justly excited.

Now I can really get excited! says Jenny. Though if Lexi and Adam have their way, she wont be able to.



The fact Adam felt like he needed to grovel over Jennifers behaviour was a bit much too.

Does Lexi have as big a chip on her shoulder as Hannah, or is she right to be short-tempered?

After Lexis grumpy display, Adam tries to draw out of her whats wrong – shes not herself, he says. Lexi confesses shes down – she says its about being back in Ambridge, with all the questions she will have fired at her.

And its also Roy…she cant face seeing him. Frankly, its no surprise. She dumped him in that age-old way – its not you, its me. I just love you too much to be with you. I couldnt possibly expect you to move with me to Bulgaria, etc etc. Thing is, poor old puppy dog Roy would have done anything to keep her – even move to Bulgaria. Which only made him understand it less – but if she loves me, why is she ending it? He had his heart well and truly broken by her and is finally picking up the pieces. The last thing he needs is for those old wounds to be opened again.

On the Grundy saga, Carrie cant bear to think what Will might have done to himself. Eddie reassures here – hes letting Bev have Poppy for another week. @When I think of him alone, with that shotgun! Will walks in just as shes about to break down – but she steels herself and puts the kettle on.



Eddie has spoken to Martin Gibson and told him Will needed emergency sick leave. Pete will cover for Will so he can take some time off. Will is worried about employing Peter again after he fired him – but Eddie assures him it will be fine. Eddie urges Will to make a doctors appointment – Will doesnt think its necessary, but Eddie is firm.

Later, Ed visits Emma and begs her not to tell anyone about Will. She doesnt want to oblige – hes dangerous and the kids are never seeing him again – including George.

Ed urges Emma to understand. He says Wills problems started when they got together and they need to be forgiving. Emma disagrees – it was losing Nic that sent him over the edge. She doesnt want take this responsibility. After a lot of persuasion and pleading from Ed, she agrees to stay quiet.

Ed thinks this means they can be friends and start to talk about the kids again instead of just texting. But Emmas having none of it. I dont want no more cosy chats, she says. I dont want nothing to do with you or your family, ever again.

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Peggys Trust has taken a comedy turn as she meets with Pip, Phoebe and Rex and tells them they need 60% of the land for the rewilding project before shell release any funds. The trio are shocked – theyd counted on the money to secure the land.


Pip mentions rewilding some of Brookfields land and Ruth loses the plot. She was already angry – now shes furious. Pip has thrown away their chance for a secure future – there is no way on earth she will ever give her any land for this project.Pip has selfishly ruined everything.

Have to say, before Pip and the gang won, I thought Ruth was over-reacting. But to miss out on funding at a such a difficult time for farmers, particularly to your own daughter in a scheme that is seemingly anti-farming, is more than galling. However, as rewilding experts in real life say, farmers need not suffer with rewilding projects. They may well be paid by the government to plant woodlands or meadows and protect bogs in order to help meet carbon emission goals.

Lets hope Ruth and co can find a way – for the sake of her relationship with Pip.

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