Fewer Americans Getting Married Because Men Dont Earn Enough, Claims Outrageous Study

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Male, heterosexual and broke? A new, outrageous US study has revealed the reason behind American mens potential lack of a partner – their wallet.

Research is now suggesting that the reason behind the decline in marriage rates across the US in recent years could have something to do with male spouses no longer being “economically attractive.”

Yep, as if it wasnt hard enough to flex in todays beauty-obsessed, materialistic world, you guys out there now have to worry about how handsome the contents of your wallet are too.

american us marriage studyPixabay

Oh, theyre empty you say? Then according to the study, published Wednesday in the Journal of Family and Marriage, youre destined for singledom, as you dont fit into the category of marriageable men. Talk about a stretch.

David Lichter, lead author of the journal, said that unless a womans dream man is an Uber driver, the death of would-be grooms is prominent in the current gig economy of unstable, low-paying service jobs.

Daniel Lichter said in a press release:

“Most American women hope to marry, but current shortages of marriageable men — men with a stable job and a good income — make this increasingly difficult.”

To investigate the supposed man drought caused by todays gig economy, researchers created profiles of potential husbands based on men already married, as logged in American Community Survey data. They then compared the fake profiles wiRead More – Source