The Friends Ill Be There For You theme song in a minor key is making us all emotional

Since weve been hit with the devastating news that Friends is leaving Netflix next year, we really havent been okay.

Back in July, it was announced that the series would be leaving the streaming giants US site to head over to HBO Max, meaning American viewers only have a few more months to binge watch all ten series of the show before it heads to WarnerMedias new streaming service, which is scheduled to launch next spring.

So in tribute to the 90s TV show, YouTuber Chase Holfelder performed the shows iconic theme song in a minor key – and it really makes you tear up a bit.

Chase performs the track using a simple set-up of vocals, guitar and piano and gives a fresh take to the usually upbeat sounding theme song of the show, Ill Be There For You, originally recorded by American pop rock duo The Rembrandts.



Some listeners pointed out the famous claps from the song are missing though, which makes the whole thing sound sadder than ever.

Netflix announced that Friends will be leaving the service earlier this year, writing on Twitter: Were sorry to see Friends go to Warners streaming service at the beginning of 2020 (in the US). Thanks for the memories, gang.

But it may not be good news for the streaming service.

The One Where We Have To Say Goodbye.

Were sorry to see Friends go to Warners streaming service at the beginning of 2020 (in The US). Thanks for the memories, gang ☕

— Netflix US (@netflix) July 9, 2019

A study earlier this year found that young people would end their subscription with Netflix if Friends was ever removed.

The Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult polled 2,201 adults about what would make them unsubscribe from the streaming giant and results revealed that 49 per cent of users between 18 and 29-years-old would leave if the sitcom was axed.

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For viewers in the UK though, the series seems safe for now. A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to Digital Spy in July that the changes “only apply to the US and there is no impact on the UK”.

Long may our Sunday hangover Friends marathons continue.

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