Blind Man In Bahamas Carries Disabled Son To Safety From Hurricane Dorian

Blind Man Bahamas Hurricane DorianCNN

A blind man from the Bahamas has managed to do the extraordinary and carry his disabled son to safety during the ferocious Hurricane Dorian.

After the nightmare storm blew the roof off his Abaco home, Brent Lowe, 49, was forced to carry his 24-year-old son to safety through waters which reached up to his chin. Mr Lowes son suffers from cerebral palsy and is unable to walk.

Mr Lowe – who has been blind for the past 11 years – placed his adult son on his shoulders and walked through the floodwaters in search of an intact house to shelter in.

Blind Man Bahamas Hurricane DorianCNN

Recalling the moment his home was destroyed by the Category Five storm, Mr Lowe told CNN:

At that time it was raining and raining hard,

So I picked him up, threw him on my shoulder and when I stepped off my porch, my front porch, the water was chin high, up to my chin. […] We all had to walk out into the water and into the wind to the neighbors house.

At the time the roof was blown off, Mr Lowe had been hiding in the bathroom of his cement house alongside his son, his sister-in-law, some relatives and neighbors whose home had already been ruined. Until he was forced to leave, he hadnt realised just how deep the flooding was.

Speaking with CNN, Mr Lowe continued:

I was terrified, I didnt realise the water was that deep. I was thinking maybe knee deep.

It wasnt until I stepped off and I realised, oh, I wonder if it gets deeper because that means I have to swim with him, you know what I mean. But thankfully it didnt get over my head.

Mr Lowe walked for about five minutes through the floodwater, although it felt far longer. Fortunately, the father and son were able to reach a neighbours house where they waited until they could be taken to a shelter.

Blind Man Bahamas Hurricane DorianCNN

As reported by The New York Times, Mr Lowe was evacuated to Nassau on Tuesday September 3, where he will be able to recieve the dialysis treatment he requires three times a week. His son has had to remain in Abaco, where he is being cared for by Mr Lowes sister-in-law.

Mr Lowe is still unsure of whether or notRead More – Source