Sony TV Options The City In The Middle Of The Night Sci-Fi Novel For Series Development With Sharon Hall

EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures Television has optioned The City In The Middle Of The Night, Charlie Jane Anders praised sci-fi novel, for series development, with Sharon Halls (The Expanse, Utopia) Mom de Guerre Productions, which is under a first-look deal with SPT.

The novel, published by Tor Books in February, is set on an inhospitable alien planet. The synopsis: Generations ago, the settlers of the planet January created a civilization on the edge of endless environmental extremes, between frigid pitch black and blinding, scorching brilliance. The city of Xiosphant functions with tyrannical precision, enforcing its citizens to work, eat, and sleep in specific blocks of time mandated “day” and “night.”

Sophie was a college student before being exiled from the city on suspicion of treason. Driven into Januarys glacial night side to die, she is rescued by the planets native inhabitants. Long hated and hunted by humans as animals, these extraterrestrial beings known as the Gelet not only save Sophie, but form a telepathic bond with her in an attempt to build a bridge between their species.

Returned to human society, Sophie finds herself swept up in a revolution to overthrow Xiosphants authoritarian government. It is a war she wants no part of, a conflict that will only further decimate an already unstable planet. Now, its up to Sophie to convince her people that humanitys future and very survival lies with the Gelet.

Hall brought the novel in to Sony via her Mom de Guerre Productions and will executive produce. NaRead More – Source