Guy Sends Cute Video Of Dog To Girlfriend, Doesnt Realise Background Noise Is Him Sh*tting

Guy Sends Cute Video Of Dog To Girlfriend, Doesn't Realise Background Noise Is Him Sh*ttingJam Press

Ah, the wonderful lives of dog owners.

Perhaps youre one yourself. Life with a dog looks great on Instagram, doggos and puppers everywhere, looking cute, fetching things and talking in a funny language where every word is kind of misspelled but kind of cute at the same time, or kind of annoying if youre a cat person.

The reality of dog ownership is, however, poo – and lots of it. Youll never leave the house without a poo bag and your dog will forever look at you in a quizzical way every time you begrudgingly bend down to pick up the latest, steaming offering your beloved Cockapoo just curled out.

cute dogJam Press

One video of a cute dog has subverted the usual expectations however, as a happy-looking pup receives a lovely head scratch, all while its owner is squatting on the potty, audibly plopping away.

The crapping culprit then sent the video to his girlfriend, hilariously pointing out the fact you can hear his shite in the background, as his oblivious dog looks lovingly down the lens of the camera.

You can watch (and listen to) it here:

The man behind the camera was revealed to be a Glaswegian called Flynn, who thoughtfully texted the video to his girlfriend, 19-year-old Rachel Holton.

Flynn seemingly didnt realise hed soundtracked the video of his dog with the sound of his own excrement touching down into the toilet water, but he did, and here we are.

Flynn realised what hed accidentally done fairly quickly though, and followed up the video with a message owning up, saying: You can hear ma shite in the picture, accompanied by the iconic crying laughing emoji.