Eddie Murphy Says Hes Going On A Stand-Up Tour In 2020

Eddie Murphy Says He's Going On A Stand-Up Tour In 2020PA

Dig out your best zoot suit, folks, Eddie Murphy is hitting the road on a stand-up tour.

After the recent news the legendary comic performer would be recording a stand-up special for Netflix, Murphy has revealed hell be touring the new show too.

Before his time in mega franchises such as Beverly Hills Cop and the Shrek films, Murphy was a notorious stand-up comedian. Now, after a few years away from the stage, hes been enticed back to stand-up. The hefty pay packet of a reported $70 million from Netflix probably made the decision fairly easy for him.

After years away from the stand-up spotlight, however, itd be pretty ballsy of Murphy to just dive in to recording a Netflix special with little more than a soundcheck. It comes as no surprise then, but welcome news nonetheless, hell be touring in 2020.

Murphy let the news slip of his return to stand-up during his appearance on Jerry Seinfelds Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, revealing how a conversation with the late Don Rickles persuaded him to get back into stand-up comedy, saying Rickles went on and on and on for him to do it.

Murphy then confessed: Im going to do it again. Everything just has to be right. You have to get up there and start working out, referring to the comedy clubs.

And, true to his word, it seems Murphy will be getting up there and starting to work out his routine as, appearing on Netflixs Present Company with Krista Smith podcast, Murphy revealed his plans.

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The 58-year-old said hell be hosting Saturday Night Live in December, before adding: And then next year in 2020 Im going to go on the road and do some strand-up.

Murphy made a name for himself as a cast member on SNL in the 80s, so itll surely be welcome return for the veteran performer to the legendary New York stage.

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