25 soap spoilers: Coronation Street death tragedy, EastEnders brutal attack, returns to Emmerdale and Hollyoaks

Theres a lot of drama upcoming (Picture: ITV/Channel 4/BBC)

Tragedy is casting its shadow over autumn in soapland as EastEnders reels from a terrible death – and there is more violence to follow as Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) is brutally attacked. Over in Coronation Street, there is devastation too as Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) and Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) get the worst possible news.

Emmerdale sees the brash and bold return of the icon that is Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) – and she is straight into trouble while over in Hollyoaks, few people will be glad to see the return of Finn OConnor (Keith Rice) as he tries to get his life back on track.

On top of all of this, there is a wedding, an inappropriate offer, a surprise arrival, a misconstrued romance, a generous gift, a terrifying collapse, a massive breakdown, a cataclysmic confession, tragic news, infidelity, an accusation, a baby bombshell and dangerous plans.




Embargoed 3 September Gray Eastenders
(Picture: BBC)

1. Chantelle is delighted when she passes her qualification and while she is out celebrating with her colleagues, Gray insists that she comes home but she defies him. Later on, he subjects her to a brutal attack.

2. Shirley is offered to go abroad to undertake a job for Phil and Tina is tempted to go with her.

3. Tiffany continues to give Bianca the cold shoulder as Bianca tries to organise a day out with her. But as Tiffany has a cange of heart, Bianca makes a staggering confession that leaves her daughter reeling.

4. Bobby continues to be plagued by visions of Lucy and Ian and Max are powerless to help him. As his past actions haunt him to the limit, he takes drastic action to try and escape Lucy once and for all.

5. Jean prepares for her operation and Kat assures her that she is not alone. As she comes round, Jean is delighted and relieved post op but Daniel has some bad news to share – his cancer has spread.

6. Phil sends an anonymous gift to Bianca and Sonia.

7. The repercussions from the previous weeks events including the siege and the wedding continue to have a huge impact.

Coronation Street

eMBARGOED 3 September Sinead Tinker wedding
(Picture: ITV)

8. Its the day of Sineads surprise wedding which she springs on Daniel and he is overwhelmed and shocked. As they bask in the joy of the occasion, moods are ruined when a lump is discovered on Sineads neck.

9. After various rows with Michelle over her decision to accept the franchise, a huffed Robert storms out and stays over with Vicky. But when Michelle sets the ball rolling on the franchise, she is made an indecent offer which changes her mind.



10. Abi is loving Kevins rants and using them to create hilarious videos and, spotting her admiring glances, he asks her out for a drink. But when Abi realises he thinks that it is a date, she is forced to let him down.

11. Sinead and Daniel anxiously await her scan results and they are given the heartbreaking news that her cancer has spread and she only has months to live. Contemplating their bleak future, they hold each other tightly.

12. Kate is overwhelmed when she finds an envelope of money for her trip abroad and she assumes that its from Jenny, trying to make amends. Kate thanks Jenny but she is secretly baffled as to where it came from.

13. As Alis addiction grabs him tighter, Dr Gaddas refuses him diazepam and he ends up collapsing and convulsing. Ryan and Robert rally round him and vow to help him get through the process of coming off the pills.

14. After shoplifting, Bernie realises that the security guard is her ex Kel and when he lets her off, she invites him back for dinner. But Paul is going to be less than happy to see this blast from the past.


Mandy gets a shock in Emmerdale
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15. Mandy Dingle arrives back into the village with Vinny in tow and straight into chaos. As they get a mixed reception, it soon becomes clear that they are hiding secrets and are up to no good.

16. Tracy continues in her mission to clear Franks name and when she finds a lead, she jumps to conclusions and dramatically accuses Dawn. But after a heartbreaking realisation, she cant even face her dads ashes anymore. Can Vanessa help her through this?


17. Doug has a sneaky joint when he thinks no one is around and when Charity catches a whiff of the smoke, she ups her tirade against drugs. Before long, Eric caRead More – Source