EastEnders spoilers: Who dies? 7 characters most likely to be shot by Hunter Owen

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Hunter Owen (Charlie Winter) may not be long for Walford, what with him having escaped from prison, but the young lad has a bit more left to give and — during EastEnders biggest week of the year — he decides to seek revenge on Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) — an action which has deadly consequences for one resident.

If theres one thing we learned about Hunter during his short stint in Walford, its that hes incredibly unhinged. The young man pulled out all the stops to follow in the footsteps of his legendary father Steve (Martin Kemp), and alienated those closest to him as a result. Whats more, due to his dads history with Phil (Steve McFadden) — he was hellbent on making an enemy of the Mitchell hard-man. However, things escalated when he killed Ray Kelly (Sean Mahon) earlier this year — an act which resulted in him receiving a life sentence.



Following his escape from prison, Hunter prepares to leave Walford in his rear-view mirror, but — before departing — he takes one last shot — pun intended — at revenge. Unfortunately, the young mans plan spirals out of control, and those that are in the Queen Vic are caught in the crossfire as a shot is fired — and one person is left fighting for their life.

But whos the unlucky victim? With their identity being kept under wraps for the time being, were taking a look at a few possible Walford residents that could meet their maker as a result of Hunters scheme.

Jack Branning

Jack is filled with rage in EastEnders
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Hunter took an instant dislike to Jack the moment they first met — and the animosity between the pair has been rife ever since. However, it was the part Jack played in getting him arrested that has spurred Hunter on to seek revenge against the former copper.

It was an unfortunate turn of events, and Jack has apologised profusely to Mel as a result. Whats more, Mel was eventually able to forgive him — but Hunter doesnt appear to have inherited these redeeming qualities of hers. The young man simply cannot accept that it was Jack that brought him down and, therefore, hes determined to have the last laugh.

With Hunter being able to think about nothing else but sweet revenge, its pretty much guaranteed that hell do whatever it takes to make his murderous dreams come true. As a result, Jacks days may well be numbered.



Mel Owen

Mel and Lisa in EastEnders
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Has there ever been a more devoted mum than Mel? The Walford legend has went out of her way to protect Hunter, but — in spite of her efforts — not even she can protect him from himself. However, thats not to say shes going to stop trying. Yes, Mel is determined to track down her son before he enacts his sick revenge plan, so its likely that shell be present in the Queen Vic when the gun goes off — which means that she could end up the unfortunate victim.

Mels death is certainly a possibility — especially if Jack is the one in Hunters firing line. Although theyre no longer an item, Mel cared deeply for Jack — and her inability to swindle him out of all his money is further proof of this — so could she perhaps throw herself in harms way to save her former lover when Hunter pulls the trigger?

Or perhaps Mels interference in his plans will prove too much for Hunter, and therefore shell become his primary target? With Tamzin Outhwaite soon set to depart from EastEnders, its hard not to speculate about what this might mean for Mels fate.

Keanu Taylor

Keanu rages at Ben in EastEnders
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If theres one other person on the Square that Hunter despises as much as Jack — well, almost — it would have to be Keanu (Danny Walters). The young lads have something of a fiery history, with them both having clashed over Louise several times in the past.


In fact, on one occasion earlier this year, Keanu punched Hunter in the mouth after the latter made a derogatory comment about Lous scars. Following the confrontation, Hunter stared at his injury in the mirror, before pointing a gun at his reflection, and — with a twisted smile — said Not so tough now, Keanu?.

Was this simply the mumblings of a mad man? Or could it have been some clever foreshadowing of future events?

Hunter may not have carried out his threat back then, but if the young mechanic is nearby in the coming episodes, then he might be unable to resist temptation.

Ben Mitchell

EastEnders' Ben Mitchell
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Between spying on Mel and berating her with questions about Lisa (Lucy Benjamin), its safe to say that Ben (Max Bowden) has become something of a thorn in Mels — and, by association, Hunters — side. The Mitchell lad has had his own agenda, and — if weve come to learn anything about him over the past couple of months — its that nothing will get in the way of him getting what he needs — especially if it involves his family.

However, with him having ruffled Mels feathers on plenty of occasions as of late, its possible that he could find himself in Hunters firing line.

A stand-off between the legacy children of two of Walfords biggest icons would certainly be one for the ages, thats for sure. Mind you, we dont reckon Hunter would stand much of a chance against Ben if it were a fair fight, but given that the escaped criminal currently has the element of surprise on his side, anythings possible.


Whitney Dean

Whitney in EastEnders
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While a gunshot will sound across Albert Square on the day in question, it might not be the only loud noise, as wedding bells could be chiming for Whitney (Shona McGarty) and Callum (Tony Clay) — that is, if the wedding actually goes ahead.

Itll be a tough enough day for the bride-to-be as it is, what with her having doubts about whether Callum is the bloke for her, but this dilemma could be the least of her problems if she finds herself in the Vic at the time of Hunters showdown.

Its safe to say that Walford weddings have something of a penchant for ending in disaster, and what would be more disastrous than the bride losing her life in tragic circumstanRead More – Source