MasterChef Season 10 Preview: The Cooks Arrive In London For Their Next Challenge

The MasterChef judges are switching things up in season 10. The cooks make their way through London in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Sept. 4 episode of MasterChef.

For the first time in MasterChef history, the Top Six contestants are traveling across the pond to London for an unforgettable culinary experience. In this EXCLUSIVE preview, the contestants arrive in London and take in all the incredible sites, including Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. “This is my first time out of the country,” Dorian says in the sneak peek. “Im here in London for Masterchef. Its absolutely crazy.”

While theyre in London, the remaining six chefs will face the ultimate challenge of feeding 36 diners, including the judges and Gordons family at his flagship restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. After they are split into two teams, the chefs have 45 minutes to cook and serve their appetizers and another 45 minutes to cook and serve their entrees to their hungry guests. Two of the Top Six chefs will face elimination during the episode. Its going to be an intense episode, without a doubt.

Ultimately, one cook will claim the title of MasterChef champion, winning the $250,000 grand prize. MasterChef season 10 is making history all around. The winner of season 10 will have the opportunity to learn hands-on in each of the judges restaurants.