Man says military can stop Hurricane Dorian by dropping ice on storm

Man says military should drop ice on Hurricane Dorian
This man is not short of ideas (Picture: Tyler Vazquez)

A middle-aged man has come up with a way to stop Hurricane Dorian in its tracks and it may rival Donald Trumps famous logic.

He told a local TV station in Florida that Americas military should just dump ice over the eye of the storm to combat all this warm water.

He also suggested the air force fly some planes the opposite way around the hurricane to stop the 220mph winds.

The unnamed man said: I dont see how they havent come up with some way to combat these storms yet.

All this warm weather and warm water. We have Navy.

Why doesnt the Navy come and drop ice in the warm water so it cant get going as fast as its going?

From a mobile home park in Palm Bay, this man has some ideas on how the military could stop hurricanes. #HurricaneDorian

— tyler vazquez (@tyler_vazquez) September 1, 2019



His hilarious idea appears to be inspired by the TV show Futurama, which said humans will counteract global warming by simply dropping a giant ice cube into the ocean every once in a while.

Or it could have been inspired by the presidents book of logic.

He allegedly asked military commanders why they couldnt just nuke hurricanes before they made landfall.

This weeks catastrophic hurricane has slammed into the Bahamas with storm surge waves measuring 20ft heading towards the US.

It is causing widespread flooding on the Grand Bahama Island before barrelling towards the US.

Man says military should drop ice on Hurricane Dorian
The eye of Hurricane Dorian was visible as it hit the Bahamas on Sunday (Picture: AFP)
Man says military should drop ice on Hurricane Dorian
Evacuations have been ordered as Hurricane Dorian is forecast to hit the US south coast (Picture:

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The National Hurricane Centre this morning tweeted to say the monster storm will cause extreme destruction and continue for several hours.

A seven-year-old boy was reportedly the first person known to have died in the hurricane.

The Bahama Press reports Lachino Mcintosh drowned while his family attempted to leave their home in Abacos.



Residents of Grand Bahama, where the hurricane has made landfall, are encouraged not to leave their shelters whenRead More – Source