When Harry Met Sally fans compete in fake orgasm contest to celebrate films 30th anniversary

Orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally.

Katzs Deli goers competed in a fake orgasm competition. (Picture: Rex)

Orgasms should never be faked, except maybe for this competition.

Katzs Delicatessen in New York challenged its diners on Friday to recreate the famous orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally originally filmed at the restaurant over 30 years ago.

Excited fans of the film performed their most enticing fake moans for a chance of winning a When Harry Met Sally shipping package.

Those who managed to impress the judges the most with their acting skills walked away with ingredients for Katzs famous pastrami and turkey sandwiches, a Harry Met Sally T-shirt, a tote bag, and Katzs collectible pins.

The package – made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie – can also be bought for $135 (£106), for those who didnt feel like acting…

On Instagram the 131-year-old deli shared a montage of the occasion, sharing a glimpse of participants – and of Meg Ryan, who played Sally in the beloved film – during the coveted scene.

When Harry Met Sally fake orgasm competition.

Katzs Deli shares photos of some of those involved. (Picture: Katzs Deli/Instagram)

Actors recreate fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally.

Contestants will be judged on their enthusiasm and commitment. (Picture: Dan Callister/REX)


They commented: Were still celebrating the 30th Anniversary of When Harry Met Sally!



Whos ready to come to Katzs and bring their O game?? People are going nuts up in here! Katz Deli wrote.

52-year-old Lori White-Phillips, who was the first to compete, told the New York Post shes not usually one for faking, as apparently boyfriend Ricky Warrington, 44, is usually the one faking it.

Way too much information…

According to the publication, the owners of the deli had to decide on five winner, judging them on their enthusiasm and commitment.

The competition has surely enticed people to re-watch the movie, maybe get a nice sandwiches too… amongRead More – Source