More/Medavoy Options TrafficKing Book About The Jeffrey Epstein Case For TV

EXCLUSIVE: More/Medavoy has optioned Conchita Sarnoffs book TrafficKing, which chronicles the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking case, along with Sarnoffs life rights, for television. The project will be shopped for development as a limited series or television movie.

The project is timely as the Epstein case has received renewed attention following his recent arrest. The billionaire financier was charged with federal sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy of minors in a two-count indictment unsealed Monday in New York. Epstein is accused of trafficking minors in Florida and New York between 2002 and 2005, with each charge carrying a penalty of ten years to life in prison.

According to the books synopsis, TrafficKing “explores the darkest recesses of the corridors of power, from Harvard to the White House.”

Sarnoff is a human rights activist and correspondent for The Daily Beast who reported on the Epstein case in 2010 after he was first arrested in Palm Beach. She was shocked to discover that the original charges against the billionaire financier were first filed as human trafficking and later reduced to alleged charges of prostitution. Her reporting included video interviews with the first victim who filed a complaint.

Sarnoff alleges she was followed, received bribes, threats and was hacked when she sought to first publish her book. Her research in the book includes interviews with British socialite and Epsteins longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell, then U.S. attorney for southern Florida Alex Acosta, Epsteins victims, attorney Alan Dershowitz, and Epstein himself, among others.

TrafficKing was independently published by Sarnoff in 2016.

Sarnoff is a Cuban American advocate and Senior Fellow at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Human Trafficking Research Center Program. For the past decade, she has worked on public policy issues dealing with human trafficking. She is a contributor at The Financial Times, The Miami Herald, The Latin America Herald Tribune, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, The Daily Caller, and others. She has been a gRead More – Source