Two British teachers jailed in Oman for theft of animals after rescuing two dogs

Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green has been detained in Oman

Two friends claim they have been wrongly detained in a hellhole jail in Oman.

Jennifer Green, 33, is currently locked up in the Middle Eastern country along with a female friend after they were accused of stealing two dogs.

Both of them deny this and say they were actually trying to rescue the animals after they were left out in scorching temperatures by their cruel owner, according to Mrs Greens brother Mike.

The women are employed by the British Council, in Muscat, as English Language teachers.

Mr Green, 35, told the Sun: Im worried sick. Shes being locked up in prison for the last twelve days and because its Ramadan, nothing is happening.

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Two British teachers, Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green was arrested for stealing a dog

Mr Green, from Stockton-on-Tees, revealed the women had initially been released after they agreed to pay the owners of the dogs £4,000.



He said this deal was later put on hold when a judge asked police to investigate if they had drank alcohol.

Mr Green, who is planning to fly to Oman, added: Im really worried and so is the entire family. Initially she was just brought to the police station but was let go.

She phoned me when she was released and she didnt seem too bothered about it at the time but it has obviously escalated since then.

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Two British teachers, Jennifer Green

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