Daredevil petition to save season 4 climbs to 150,000 signatures and Netflix had better be listening

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Daredevil bowed out on a high with season three (Picture: Netflix)

A fan petition to save Daredevil season fours existence has amassed over 148,000 signatures following the shows cancellation.

Netflix felt worldwide scorn after their decision to cancel Daredevil, which earned widespread critical acclaim for its third and last season.

The cast, including Vincent DOnofrio aka Wilson Fisk, have also shared the petition created by Joseph Garcia, which hopes to revive the show to allow the story to continue.

On the Change.org petition, it reads: Our wishes are: 1. That Marvel Television reach out to Netflix to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal that allows the show, in its current format, to continue. Either on Netflix, or on a different platform.

2. Barring this approach, that a deal is reached that allows the characters from the Netflix show to appear in other Marvel Television Productions, played by the original cast.



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Daredevils cancellation followed the axing of both Luke Cage and Iron Fist too, with it believed Jessica Jones and The Punisher will follow suit after their respective third and second seasons.

Its believed the downfall of Netflix and Marvels partnership is due to Disneys upcoming streaming service, which has Marvel shows based on Tom Hiddlestons Loki and Scarlet Witch already in the works.

You can catch Daredevil streaming on Netflix.

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