Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle confirms Vinnie is Paddy Kirks son – but is everything as it seems?

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Like the storm that once hit the village and tore down the Woolpack, Mandy Dingle is back with full force and is no doubt set to leave as much devastation in her wake.

Mandy turned up in the dark to surprise Sam at the farm last week, but her official return happened when she gatecrashed Marlons wedding tonight.

Just prior to the wedding, Mandy and her son Vinnie woke up for their first night at the farm in 17 years, but their shifty behaviour suggested something was going on.

Vinnie complained of coming down with a sickness, so Mandy told him hed better return to bed and not attend the wedding. But out of earshot of the rest of the family she told him it would be best for him to not be there when I do the deed, in case Paddy freaks. She has a bombshell for the Padster, and hes not going to like it.

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(Picture: ITV)

The family also saw through her cover story – that shes back for Marlons wedding – after they realised she didnt even know hed already had an unofficial one.

She later dropped in on the wedding, interrupting the pair as they were mid-vows, and declared herself to be their second witness. Paddys jaw nearly hit the floor at her entrance, but the pair were quickly laughing and joking like old times.

But Marlon was onto it – he twigged a connection between Vinnie and Paddy when Sam told him about Vinnies nervous behaviour and his stutter. It all sounded very familiar.

Mandy later confessed to him: I came to tell Paddy something I couldnt tell him over the phone. That hes got a 16-year-old son perhaps?

I think Paddys got a son, I think thats why Mandys back, Marlon told his new wife Jessie, and vowed not to let Mandy mess with Paddy after the awful year hes had. Mandy also agreed that it wasnt the right time to drop the bombshell on Paddy, but the fuse is burning down and its set to explode at some point soon.

So theres a new Dingle in the pack, and Paddy could be about to find out hes missed out on watching his son grow up for the last 16 years. How will he react? And is everything as it seems as Mandys underhand behaviour intensifies?

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