EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon makes a confession to Alfie – how will he react?

(Picture: BBC)

Kat Moon has a confession for Alfie, and his reaction leaves her shocked in EastEnders.

Kat has had a lot on her mind of late, not least having been part of a hit and run after knocking down a pensioner while on her moped. Shes also been reeling from what she learned about her dad Charlie – that he might have been aware she was abused by her Uncle Harry.

When she visited Charlies old pal Tony, who led her to Maurice, she learned that not only had Maurice been aware of the abuse inflicted on her by her uncle, but also that her dad might have been turning a blind eye too. The news devastated Kat, and shes struggled to deal with it ever since, turning to drink to cope.

(Picture: BBC)

The Slaters have been worried about her after she caused a scene when everything got a bit too much to take, but no one knows the extent of what shes been dealing with.

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Its all brought back to the fore again as the man she hit with her moped arrives in the Square. Reliving the terrible day she learned the possible truth about her dad, she legs it away from the man, leaving Alfie to speak to him. How will Alfie react after he finds out what really happened?

After hearing what happened, Alfie finds Kat to comfort her and she finally drops the bombshell of the burden shes been carrying – she hit the man because shed been distracted that day over what Maurice had told her. Will Alfie be able to understand?

She confesses everything and he tries to reassure her as best he can, but shes finding it hard to cope. Later, she bumps into Ruby in E20 who tells her about her rape court case and everything feels very raw.

But as she returns home Alfie has his own bombshell for her – she finds him sat chatting away to the man who sent her head in a spin, Maurice.

Hurt and disgusted she throws a fit, only for Alfie to plead with her to hear Maurice out. But can Kat bring herself to listen?

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