Brutal record-breaking cold snap hits northern US and Canada

Bitter cold continues to blanket the northern United States and Canada, as forecasters warn the deep freeze will continue into the start of the new year.

In Canada, officials say parts of the country are colder than the North Pole or Mars.

Weather observers say the temperature on top of the highest peak in the US north-east hit -37 degrees Celsius, a record low.

Road closed due to snow in Ohio. There is snow everywhere and the road is not visible except for car tyre tracks.

The previous record at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire was -35C and was set in 1933.

The observatory has posted a Facebook video showing weather observer Adam Gill emptying a kettle of boiling water into the air, where it immediately turns to snow in the cold and hurricane-force winds.

External Link: Mount Washington Observatory Facebook video

Instagram user Amy Fogarty, from Duluth, Minnesota, posted a similar video of her tossing a pot of boiling water into the air outside her home.

The water froze mid-air and fell to the ground as ice.

External Link: Amy Fogarty on Instagram: Playing with boiling water is my favorite thing to do when the temps fall to almost -20F

Bitter cold weather has taken hold of much of the northern United States.

Wind chill advisories or warnings were in effect for much of New England, northern Pennsylvania and New York on Thursday.

Cars drive along a road in Ohio. Visibility is very low due to heavy snow falls. Only the car directly in front is visible.

Forecasters warn of hypothermia and frostbite from arctic air settling in over the central US and spreading east.

More snowfalls are expected, and forecasters say high winds are pushing temperatures down even further.


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