8 new shows to look forward to watching in 2018

8 new shows to look forward to watching in 2018
Will you be watching these shows? (Picture: Hulu Originals/The CW)

Where the heck did 2017 go?

It’s seems like just yesterday that we were reminiscing over our favourite TV shows of 2016 and looking forward to all the new series that 2017 would deliver.

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And yet here we are again, already counting down the days until the clock ticks over into 2018 and the temporarily unsilenced Big Ben bongs for New Year.

But we’re not here to cry over days lost.

We’re here to get excited about what the next year of TV has in store for those of us with permanently square eyes.

There’s a historical crime series from the BBC, a new anthology show from the creator of Mad Men, adaptations of both the Marvel and Stephen King variety, and much, much more.

Here’s a selection of eight new shows – premiere dates pending – that you should keep an eye out for in 2018.

Patrick Melrose

8 new shows to look forward to watching in 2018 (Natalie Xenos)
Benedict Cumberbatch in Patrick Melrose (Picture: Showtime/Sky Atlantic)

Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t do much television nowadays but when he does, it’s always compelling viewing.

He’ll next grace the small screen in five-part miniseries Patrick Melrose, a co-production between Showtime and Sky Atlantic which is based on the semi-autobiographical novels by Edward St. Aubyn.

Each episode will tackle one of Aubyn’s books, exploring Melrose’s turbulent life, from his traumatic childhood through to his playboy lifestyle as an adult.

Starring alongside Cumberbatch will be Hugo Weaving (Lord Of The Rings) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight) as Melrose’s parents. Anna Madeley (The Crown) will star as his wife.

With an accomplished cast and a storyline set between France, New York and Britain, this is definitely one for the watchlist.

Castle Rock

A Stephen King adaptation is always something to get excited about.

The latest, Castle Rock, is a psychological horror show based on the fictional Maine setting which features in a number of the author’s novels and short stories, including The Dead Zone and Cujo.

Executive produced by JJ Abrams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), the ten-episode first season ‘combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of King’s best-loved works, weaving an epic saga of darkness and light’, according to the show’s press release.

Jane Levy (Suburgatory), Sissy Spacek (Carrie), Bill Skarsgård (It), Melanie Lynskey (Togetherness) and Terry O’Quinn (Lost) are just some of the actors in what’s already proving to be an amazing cast list.

Cloak And Dagger

Following in the footsteps of Marvel’s other teenage superhero drama The Runaways, which premiered in November, Cloak And Dagger is based on the popular comic of the same name.

It centres on two teenagers from different sides of the track who obtain superpowers whilst falling in love.

Olivia Holt (Disney’s I Didn’t Do It) and Aubrey Joseph (The Night Of) are super duo Tandy Bowen/Dagger and Tyrone Johnson/Cloak, whose lives and powers work better when they stick together.

Just ten episodes in length, Cloak And Dagger combines high-concept sci-fi adventure and teen romance to provide the perfect recipe for an action-packed Marvel show.

Black Lightning

If you’re more DC than Marvel, the upcoming American superhero drama Black Lightning should be right up your street.

Based on the comic character of the same name, the show stars Cress Williams (Hart Of Dixie) as the titular hero who comes out of retirement to fight against a local gang who’ve corrupted his community.

Unlike other superhero shows, Black Lightning won’t take the villain of the week approach, but will instead focus on exploring the heroes and villains in depth.

Though the show won’t exist in the Arrowverse, we shouldn’t rule out a crossover with other DC shows like Arrow, The Flash or Supergirl just yet.

The crossover campaign begins here.

Lost In Space

Before it was a so-bad-it’s-good movie starring Matt LeBlanc in the late 90s, Lost in Space was a cult 60s sci-fi series about a family struggling for survival after an act of sabotage leaves them adrift in space.

Now Netflix are giving the series the reboot treatment, with a ten episode modernised remake set to debut in 2018.

The new show will once again centre on the Robinson family, who have to overcome their differences when their spaceship veers off-course and they’re stranded light years away from their planned destination.

Toby Stephens and Molly Parker will star as the Robinson parents, John and Maureen, whilst Parker Posey has signed on to play the troublesome Dr. Smith.

The good news? It can’t be worse than the movie.

Life Sentence

For those of us still mourning the loss of Pretty Little Liars, The CW’s new comedy-drama series starring PLL star Lucy Hale might ease some of the pain.

Hale stars as Stella Abbott, who discovers her terminal cancer is cured and then has to live with all the choices she made when she decided to ‘live like she was dying’.

Life Sentence is a reverse cancer story that sees the actress take on a more grown-up role, as it combines romance with family drama.

Expect to smile and possibly shed a tear with this one.

My Grandad Was Innocent

8 new shows to look forward to watching in 2018 (Natalie Xenos)
A new true crime tale in 2018 (Picture: BBC)

2016-17 saw a rise in popularity for true crime stories and BBC One is set to capitalise on this with a new factual show exploring historical murders.

The 10-part series will follow criminal barristers Sasha Wass and Jeremy Dein as they investigate crimes between the years of 1900 and 1964, where convicted men and women pleaded their innocence all the way to the gallows.

By reviewing evidence and using modern techniques such as DNA and ballistics, the duo hope to right wrongs from the past and clear potentially innocent people’s names.

Lindsay Bradbury, BBC Commissioning Editor Daytime and Early Peak, describes the show as having ‘a real sense of public service, stacks of emotion and a huge pull through to the end.’

The Romanoffs

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner
Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is returning with a new show (Picture; Getty)

Ever since Mad Men ended in 2015, we’ve been waiting patiently for creator Matthew Weiner’s follow-up.

Well, the wait is almost over, as filming is underway on his new project, The Romanoffs.

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The Amazon anthology series tells the individual stories of people who believe they’re the modern-day descendants of the royal Romanov family, who ruled Russia until they were the victims of a mass execution in 1918.

The cast is shaping up nicely, with Corey Stoll (The Strain), Andrew Rannells (Girls), Isabelle Huppert (Elle), Aaron Eckhart (London Has Fallen), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire) and Amanda Peet (Brockmire) all set to star.

Fingers crossed it’s just as compelling as Mad Men was.

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