Samantha Bee Blasts Donald Trump Attack On CNNs Jim Acosta At White House

Samantha Bee spent the top of the first post-midterms Full Frontal talking about President Donald Trumps petulant reax to losing control of the House and becoming accountable to – anybody.

“It finally happened!” Bee said of Trumps morning after move setting “free” Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Technically, Sessions “resigned,” Bee noted, because “he wanted to leave to spend more time doing what he loves most: racism.”

Trump told Sessions he had to pack his bags and get out that day, Bee remarked. “Already hes packed up his things into a thimble and hitched a ride on a bluebird back to the statue of Jefferson Davis where he makes his nest.”

Meanwhile, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has been “pushed aside” with the appointment of Sessions chief of staff who subscribes to the idea Robert Muellers Russia probe is a “witch hunt” and a “lynching.”

these personnel moves arent surprising, Bee said. “I dont know if you remember but an election happened yesterday and het House of Representatives is feeling a little blue.”

Trump feels mostly confused in reaction, as evidenced by his math confusion at his White House presser next day, at which he struggled to explain how losing the House control to Dems was good for him.

Then he took questions.

“I have a question!” Bee shouted out. “What happened when he called on Jim Acosta?”

President called on Acosta who asked him if he was worried about the Russia probe. Trump called it a hoax and told Acosta to shut up and sit down pacing the podium, then said CNN should “be ashamed of themselves having you work for them.”

“No! We should be ashamed of you working for us!” Bee shot back. “You are at work!”

Maybe most upset by that exchange, Bee suggested, was the intern told to go take the microphone away from Acosta. She grabbed at it a few times, while looking very uncomfortable at being put in this position. tttAcosta held on, telling her, “Pardon me, maam, Im trying to ask a question.”

Giving voice to the intern, Bee said, “I hate this job so much! Oh my gawd, why am I doing this, this is horrible!”

“And, plie!” Bee concluded.

Last night, the White House pulled Acostas credentials, claiming he put his hand on he intern, which he did not, as multiple first-hand witnesses in the room have said.

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