Family calls cops on whales they bump into during boat trip

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A family called the police on a group of humpback whales they bumped into while on a boat trip.

The hilarious moment was caught on camera and the American family who are literally freaking out can be heard screaming as three whales approach their boat to say hi.

One man, who isnt as calm as he pretends to be, tells the group to calm down before a woman can be heard saying were going to die, adding: Im calling 911.

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The whales continues to close in on their boat and even swims underneath their boat.

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When the operator picks up, the woman continues: Im out in Puget Sound and there are three grey whales right underneath our boat and Im afraid that we might get flipped over and Im scared.

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She goes on to explain that she just wanted to call and let the police know their location in case anything happened to them.

The family then decides to start the engine to move the boat away from the huge creatures – before freaking out again because they think the whales are following them.

Earlier in the clip, one woman, clearly overwhelmed by the once-in-a-lifetime experience, can be heard crying as the man tells her to relax.

Family calls cops on whales Jukin
The whales come really close to their boat, and at one point, even swims under it

Another woman says: Oh my god, hes coming right under us, as the man tells them: Look at this you guys, youll never see this again.

The man screams out in amazement as the whale starts rolling in the water.

He tells his honey not to be scared and she replies: Its a whale, its gonna kill us.

To which the man replies: Its not scary, theyre just checking us out dude. Theyre just whales, theyre not gonna kill us. Adding: I couldve touched him.

He ends the video by saying: You will never forget that.

People of the internet is loving the video, with one saying: How do you go to the ocean and call the cops on whales when youre going to their home?

Another one said: Im dead.

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