Hollyoaks spoilers: 10 outrageously brilliant moments from the McQueen Magaluf special

Hollyoaks does Magaluf
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I must admit, having spent the day chatting to the cast of Hollyoaks and also enjoying the fact that the heatwave was certainly less overwhelming for a Socttish man in Liverpool than London, I was already in a good mood when it came to sitting down with the team for the first exclusive screening of the McQueens hitting Magaluf.

But that was nothing compared to the good mood I was in by the time the credits rolled – what an absolute hoot. Hollyoaks is a soap that deals with hard hitting, complex and socially important storylines with great sensitivity and success but it also knows how to go full on outrageous, camp and downright entertaining, proving that soaps dont always have to take themselves so seriously.

From the opening scene of a glam Mercedes ruining a Hollywood babe-esque opening shot on a yacht with a filthy burp through to outrageous costumes, nudity, scandal, sex, scraps, food poisoning and Goldie squatting for a slash by the bins, I barely stopped laughing and never stopped grinning.

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This is Hollyoaks at its unmissable bet and so I am holding back a number of big storyline twists so that you can enjoy the episodes like I did. But for a teaser, here are 10 moments you will have to look out for.

Oh and lets not forget the BRAND NEW OPENING TITLES. You will never guess who is sassing it up in the closing bit of the montage. (spoiler: you actually definitely will but who else could it possibly be?)

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1. There is a LOT of flesh. Yep, that wont come as a huge surprise with the McQueens descending on a hot country for a hen party but at one point, one character is a little more scantily clad than they would like – and they have to resort to using a well placed swimming inflatable to cover their modesty. Weve all been there.

2. Queen Nana rules the episode. She is at her outrageous best from the moment she tries to find a lothario who is a cross between Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin to the moment where she causes one heck of a scene in a nightclub. But it turns out to be quite a good trip for Nana, who may actually find genuine love after getting over the disappointment of how different from his profile picture his holiday romance looks.

3. Mercedes has a lot of catching up to do – and the moment that Myra announces Im a lesbian now leads to the most glorious and infectious reaction. But Sally neednt worry about Mercy being judgemental – she is soon welcomed to the family.

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4. Goldie is golden. We have always been big fans of this character who just epitomises the name McQueen and yep, shes at her balshy best. Myra ropes her into sabotaging Mercys engagement which she does with great gusto and you will never unsee her relieving herself when the previous nights booze gets too much for the old bladder. Keeping it classy, McQueen style.

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5. Cleos ongoing story is represented honestly. While it may not be a focus, Hollyoaks doesnt use the Magaluf special to get everyone undressed, forgetting about Cleos body dysmorphia in the process. Its subtle and Cleo is there to have a good time. But you wont see her out in a bikini.

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6. Sally struggles with the hot country again. She makes sure she takes every measure from the biggest hates to a face covered in sun cream throughout but her attempt to soak up some culture by having some authentic seafood backfires in a big way. And theres a different reason she is sweating buckets this time.

7. Speaking of sweating, Courtney has a good cause to be very nervous indeed as she prepares to act as a drugs mule for evil Glenn. She comes face to (new) face with Liam who warns her of the risk she is taking. But Courtney knows she will never get Glenn off her back otherwise.

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8. Mercedes calls off the wedding but it isnt for the reason that Myra thinks. Myra is determined to put a stop to the engagement as she thinks Mercy can do better but when Mercy makes the decision, there is something else – a bit more surprising – at play.

9. There are twists. By and large, the episode is one long romp of partying, outrageous costumes, one liners, sassiness and fun. But it is also packed with drama too and for one character in particular, their dream holiday could turn into a nightmare.


10. Its all packed in. Unlike last years trip to Ibiza which spread scenes across a whole week among the drama back in the village, Magaulf is focused across two episodes, with the first being completely abroad. It works better that way and gives a real feeling that this is something special.

And let me assure you without hesitation, it certainly is.

Hollyoaks kicks off the Magaluf special on Friday 10th August at 7pm on E4.

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