Emmerdale spoilers: Amelia Spencer disappears again?

Amelia and Beth make plans in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

The Spencer family could be set to repeat their recent nightmare in Emmerdale as Amelia disappears again just weeks after being returned home to them. Amelia had been deceived and held by a vengeful Beth, who wanted to make Daz pay for her dads accidental death in an army exercise, but Amelia was successfully groomed and still wants to live with Beth.

Kerry Wyatt is keen for closure on the matter and wants to know from Harriet Finch where Beth is so that she can say a final farewell to Amelia. She thinks this will help Amelia finally start the process of forgetting about her captor.

However, Amelia has other plans and has bought two bus tickets to Scotland – one for her and one for Beth. As she plans to run away for good this time, Dan, Kerry and Daz face losing her forever.

As Amelia makes her final preparations, she comes face to face with Beth – but will Beth convince her that this isnt actually the best course of action and will Amelia finally see that Beth was only ever using her as a pawn in her game?

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Or will Dan lose his daughter as Amelia exits Emmerdale for good?

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