Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor calls for more comedy after dark storylines

Sally is a clown in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Its an ongoing debate that refuses to go away – is Coronation Street getting too dark? While some are on the side of wanting the show to ditch the issue led storylines and focus on the laughs, others believe that the big storylines have been powerful and Corrie hasnt lost its warmth and charm in between.

Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally Metcalfe in the show and has done for decades, is more on the fence but has explained that she would worry if the show ever did lose its well known comedy roots.

Speaking to, she said: I like the mixture of dark and comedy. I think when we lose the comedy thats the worrying time. I think some of these stories have been absolutely amazing. But Id have liked to see a bit more comedy if Im absolutely honest. The light and the dark is in there together.

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But the star, whose character is set to face prison in a shocking new plot twist, is more than happy at the show and is full of praise for the stories, scenes and relationships she has been able to play out over the years that have kept her excited to be on the show.

Sally is frightened in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

She grinned: Great stories keep me here. Everybody who leaves Corrie will tell you it is like a family. I mean it really, really is. Ive been here 32 years. I cant imagine not being here its the best job in the world in so many different ways. Great stories, great writing, funny and sad.

Its just a brilliant place to work and as an actor getting scripts where you pick them up and cant wait for the next one is just thrilling. Id never get that anywhere else. And I only live 20 minutes down the road. Thats another good reason!

One thing that changes constantly is the person in charge but Sally is keeping an open mind over Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod taking over from departing Kate Oates. Asked how she approaches the changing of the guard, she replied: Everyone is usually apprehensive when a new producer comes in. They have who they might like and dislike. Im looking forward to Iain starting. Hopefully Ill get to see him in the next couple of days and Im looking forward to it.

Sally may not have a chance for any meetings though as she will be so busy filming high octane scenes which see Sally arrested for fraud thanks to sneaky con man Duncan who has made off with £40,000 of the councils money.

Hinting at whats ahead for her alter ego, Sally added that she would struggle in prison, smiling: Its not only privileges and everything being taken away from you and being locked away from your family and all those things but just the shame of it. That would be horrible for Sally. Everyone on Coronation Street knowing shes gone to prison. Oh my God. She wouldnt be able to walk down Corrie again with her head held high thats for sure. And shed get really ribbed in Underworld when she gets back!

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