EastEnders spoilers: Donnas gone but how will Robbie cope?

EastEnders spoilers: Robbie Jackson is heartbroken after Donna leaves
Donna leaves without saying goodbye to Robbie. (Picture: BBC)

Robbie returned home on Friday determined to give Donna another chance – only to get back too late. Donna had packed up her bags and left, without even saying goodbye. How will a heartbroken Robbie get back on track? It looks as though hell have some help from his friends.

Things had been going well for Robbie and Donna, with the two even moving in together. But the pair had an enormous row after Robbie discovered that it was Donna who put an envelope full of drugs through Max and Rainies letterbox. Robbie struggled to understand why his girlfriend would do such a thing but Max convinced him to give Donna another chance. If only Donna had been willing to stay!

Phil has some orders for Robbie in EastEnders
Robbis has plenty of support. (Picture: BBC)

But Robbies not alone. When Kush arrives at his stall next week and sees that Donna isnt around, the trader wonders whats happened. But this is Albert Square; word of Donnas sudden departure promptly gets around. Kush and Martin try to cheer up a despondent Robbie and the former comes up with a plan to get their friend back to his old self.

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Robbie is deeply sad, so Kush and Martin have quite a challenge ahead of them. Eventually Martin explains to Robbie why Kush is so keen for him not to wallow; Kush has been struggling to cope after Shakils death. Will Robbie get over Donnas departure? Only time will tell but until then, hes got plenty of people to lean on.

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