Were all loving Three Lions, but remember Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnellys Were On The Ball?

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We're all loving Three Lions, but what about Ant and Dec's We're On The Ball?
Dont forget about Three Lions (Picture: Getty; PA)

Three Lions is an absolute tune and drives home the words that football really is Coming Home.

Baddiel and Skinner, along with the Lightning Seeds, have had the country united in singing the same three words for the last few weeks.


Remember their absolute banger from 2002? Its somehow been missed out of the football chants in the streets. How could we forget it?! Especially when Ant dressed up as Sven-Göran Eriksson in the video.

We're all loving Three Lions, but what about Ant and Dec's We're On The Ball?
Sven and Tord, AKA Ant and Dec (Picture: YouTube)

The video sees the lads chatting about wanting to go to the World Cup, but decide its too expensive. So they concoct a plan – to disguise themselves as then manager Sven and his assistant manger Tord Grip by stealing their clothes.

The lads are then seen in character, educating the football team on plays.

Anthony McPartlin (left) and Declan Donnelly, (Ant & Dec) outside the FA headquarters in London's Soho Sqaure to launch Engand's World Cup song, 'We're On The Ball'.
Look at those baby faces! (Picture: PA Archive/PA Images)

That spawned the infamous lyric of them calling out the passes between the then England team: Its Neville to Campbell, Campbell to Rio, Rio to Scholesy, Scholesy Gerard. Gerad to Beckham, Beckham to Heskey, Heskey to Owen, to Nodd 5-1!

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(Youre singing it in your head right now, arent you?)

The track was released in 2002 as the the official England song of the Fifa World Cup, and then was re-released in 2010.

It originally entered the charts at no.3 and didnt manage to make it to the top spot, but was the duos highest peaking single of all time.

Ready? Enjoy.

The song was based on one of the same name and chorus, performed by The Balls Brothers in 1998, but they had different verses. Both were written by Harold Spiro.

Of course its not the only World Cup song to get sidelined by Three Lions, plenty of good ones got pushed aside, and some not so good.

Fat Les Vindaloo

Tune. Co-written by Blur Bassist Alex James and Pink Floyds bassist Guy Pratt, funny man Keith Allen was in charge of lyrics – hence Lily Allens appearance in the video.

He coined the infamous lyrics Were England, and were gonna score one more than you, and, who could forget, nah nah nah.

It was released in 1998 for the world cup and the video features the likes of David Walliams and Matt Lucas. It was beaten to the top of the charts by Three Lions.

New Order – World In Motion

It was released in 1990 to celebrate the World Cup in Italy, and features numerous England players, with John Barnes taking centre stage. He wrote his own rap and apparently recorded it in one take. The track managed a two week stint at number one.

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The Stars House Band – Rasputin Rebooted

This one probably isnt worth remembering, but oh well, were here now.

This is a remake of Boney Ms 1970s hit Rasputin released as the unofficial anthem to this years World Cup, and has bizarrely seen Ricky Wilson and Freddie Flintoff team up for the vocals.

(How Does It Feel To Be) On Top Of The World – England United

How the HECK did we forget the Spice Girls were once part of a World Cup tune, especially given one went on to marry one of the England squad?

This was another 1998er and saw Echo And The Bunnymen, Ocean Colour Scene, Space and the Spice Girls team up.

This is a poignant track, even if we didnt realise – it was the last single the girls released that included Geri Halliwells vocals. It peaked at number nine, but it was panned as being too cringe to sing out loud for footie fans.

England Crazy – Rider Feat. Terry Venables

Remember when footie Terry Venables created a jazz number for the World Cup? He recorded it with jazz band Rider and released it in 2002 for the World Cup. It reached number 46 in the UK charts at the time. What smooth vocals that football manager has.

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