The perfect metaphor? NATO summit photo sparks Twitter meme

As US President Donald Trump uses his time in Brussels to lambast European leaders for their various failings, as he sees them, a photograph now making the rounds on Twitter has captured the mood perfectly.

When NATO leaders stood to have their group photo taken ahead of the summits opening ceremony, they all seemed to be looking at something to their left. Trumps attention, however, was caught by something to the right — and the perfect meme was born.

One Twitter user suggested that the photograph was the “perfect metaphor” and that Trump “sees the world the wrong way” in comparison with his NATO allies.

This photo is the perfect metaphor. Donald Trump clearly sees the world the wrong way when compared to other NATO leaders. Is it because hes a moron, because Putin tells him to or a mixture of both?

— Adam Best (@adamcbest) July 11, 2018

A US conservative political commentator suggested that perhaps Trump was looking in the direction of the United States, while his counterparts were looking at Europe.

Another user made a comparison to the moment Trump appeared to look directly at the sun without protective glasses during the partial solar eclipse last August — after being specifically warned not to.

This picture is so typically trump. Why does "Fearless Leader" seem to always be going 100mph in the opposite direction? Is there a solar eclipse?

— Chemasko (@chemasko) July 11, 2018

One user suggested that the photo described “in a nutshell” the souring relations between Trump and other NATO leaders.

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