Yanny or Laurel? Internet divided over infuriating audio (POLL)

Yanny or Laurel? That's the question sparked by an infuriating piece of audio that has split people into two camps.

In a 2018 version of The Dress debate, people are arguing over whether a computer-generated voice is saying Laurel or Yanny. The short recording first surfaced on Reddit this week and has subsequently gone viral on Twitter, provoking an intense debate.

Just like The Dress fiasco, people are utterly convinced of their point of view and cant understand why anyone could possible disagree.

I hear Laurel!!! On my mothers life x

— James Argent (@RealJamesArgent) May 16, 2018

Its Yanny you weirdos

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) May 16, 2018

Look, the dress was blue and black, the sound is Laurel, it's a beautiful day, I'm mentally stable and physically fit and that is the reality I choose to believe in.

— Astrid (@AstridClark) May 16, 2018

This is really weird. How is anyone hearing Laurel? Is this a trick thing like the blue and gold dress? https://t.co/jr3k0oJIiI

— Ryan Adams (@TheRyanAdams) May 16, 2018

Many have turned to science in their quest for an explanation. Dylan Bennett was one of many who said it was all down to frequency and what peoples ears can pick up. Lower frequencies make it more likely that youll hear “Laurel” while at higher ones youre more likely to hear “Yanny”.

Okay, you're not crazy. If you can hear high freqs, you probably hear "yanny", but you *might* hear "laurel". If you can't hear high freqs, you probably hear laurel. Here's what it sounds like without high/low freqs. RT so we can avoid the whole dress situation. #yanny#laurel ? pic.twitter.com/RN71WGyHwe

— Dylan Bennett (@MBoffin) May 16, 2018

Another theory, put forward by Professor David Alais from The University of Sydneys school of psychology, claimed that the auditory illusion is an example of “perceptually ambiguous stimulus,” in which essentially the brain cant decide on exactly what it is seeing – or in this case hearing.

And so the debate rages on.

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